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Helimax Aviation Inc. Construction Lift Specialist.
Bell 214 - Helicopter. Helimax Aviation Inc. Helicopter Lift Specialists.


Steel Work

Setting steel is one of the more specialized areas that requires the highest level of precision and experience. Helimax has gained this experience over the years, constructing communication towers, ski lift towers and setting structural steel.

Photo left:
Placement of the top 70 ft. section on a 1300 ft. radio tower in Northern Arizona.


Photo right:
Placement of the radio antenna on top of the 1300 ft. tower.

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Concrete Work

Concrete bucket being lowered over 
a concrete pump.

Each year Helimax moves hundreds of yards of concrete, whether you're repairing a flume or pouring into an elevated form, Helimax has the experience to meet your requirements. Our concrete buckets are specially designed for helicopter use and have a capacity of up to 1.5cub/yds.

Holding the concrete bucket over the pump.

Guiding the concrete bucket while
 repairing an aqua duct.

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HVAC/Rooftop Placement

Helimax Aviation Inc., can set HVAC/Chiller units with weights up to 6000 lbs., at a lower cost than most other helicopter operators.

Lifting air handler unit from flatbed truck.

Above and below:
Placement of a 4000 lb. air handler onto a rooftop in downtown Sacramento, CA.

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Ski Lift Construction

Photo above:
Working at Alpine Meadows, CA, pouring concrete.

The "Bell 214" at work above  Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in California, pouring concrete and setting tower heads for ski lifts.

Photo above:
Filling winch towers with concrete.

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Rock/Dirt Work - Shoreline Rehabilitation

Before: Sizing up the eroding bank and calculating how much dirt and/or rock will be needed. 
Helimax has designed and developed a system to move large volumes of dirt or rock in a fast and efficient way. The surrounding photos show a rehabilitation job along the Snake River where rock and dirt were moved to restore the river bank and prevent further erosion.


Landfill after tons of rock and dirt have been lifted and dumped into the eroding shore.

Filling lift bucket with dirt for landfill.

Helimax can move rocks up to 3 tons, for stream and fish habitat.

After: Results of efforts to preserve the land.

Dumping a load of dirt 
into rehab area. 

Arial view of eroding shoreline where rehab 
work is being performed. 
"Notice the section of rock along the shoreline."

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Other Specialty Work

Wire Pulling
Helimax Aviation, Inc. has the capability and equipment to pull wire/sockline with a side puller or counter weight on a 100 ft. line, in order to work in between existing power lines.

Helimax Aviation, Inc. is committed to the firefighting effort with the California Dept. of Forestry (CDF) and the United States Forest Service (U.S.F.S.). The Bell 214 offers one of the best values — per gallon of water — delivered to a fire. Because of the speed and payload, the Bell 214 is one of the best helicopters for fire fighting.

Seeding & Fertilizing
Helimax Aviation, Inc. has experience in both fertilizing and seeding and has worked with state agencies in algae control in lakes and reservoirs.

Frost Control
Helimax Aviation, Inc. has provided and held contracts for the past five years for "frost protection" in a variety of crops. In addition to this service, Helimax also utilizes its aircraft for drying crops such as cherries, tomatoes and grapes, after a rain.

Utility Pole Setting
Helimax Aviation, Inc. has extensive experience in setting wood and steel utility poles. If you are installing a new powerline or replacing existing poles that require 150'  line and pole must be lowered between existing lines, Helimax has the expertise and experience for the job.

High Altitude Work
Over the years, Helimax Aviation, Inc. has been involved with numerous projects at altitudes ranging from 9000 - 12,000 ft. during the summer months. Our pilots have the experience and knowledge to work in mountainous terrain at high altitudes. 

Marine Salvage
Helimax Aviation, Inc. has been involved with several salvage operations off the coast of California. These operations required the pilot to fly a tow-line that is 2000 - 3000 ft. in length, out to a tugboat and lower it to the deck. During these operations, Helimax has lifted various loads from under the water and flown them to shore. 

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